Fragrant Cup



A cup where you can experience a new scented world

With its 400-year history, Takatori Pottery has long been loved by the Japanese people as a tool for tea ceremony. The thin wall and colorful glaze are the characteristics of Takatori Pottery. At Onimaru Setsuzan Kamamoto, we start our production process by mining the clay, prepare the wood ash and straw ash carefully by hand, and bake the items in the flames of firewood kilns to create pottery products that can stand the test of time. The “Fragrant Cup” is an object that shows the characteristics of Takatori Pottery to deliver the aroma and flavor of drink reliably to the nose and mouth, making the original flavor to be more mellow and enabling a more direct tasting; a lingering “dignity” that conveys history and tradition.

“香るカップ”がThe Wonder 500™に選出されました。 The Wonder 500™は、経済産業省が主催するクールジャパン政策のもと「世界にまだ知られていない、日本が誇るべきすぐれた地方産品」を全国都道府県より合計500商材を発掘し海外に広く伝えていくプロジェクトです。

The “Fragrant Cup” was selected as one of The Wonder 500™. Under the Cool Japan project organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, The Wonder 500™ uncovered a total of 500 products from prefectures all over Japan that represent Japan but are not yet known to the world and promoted them to various countries.

福岡デザインアワード 2018 入賞

Winner of the 2018 Fukuoka Design Award


Design registration No.1548302